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Office 365 is a reliable cloud service package combined with the desktop version of Office 2016. The most comprehensive and yet simple it is a Microsoft product that supports work and communication in any company.

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5 PCs or Macs and 5 mobile devices (Windows, iPad, Android)
5 PCs or Macs and 5 mobile devices (Windows, iPad, Android)
5 PCs or Macs and 5 mobile devices (Windows, iPad, Android)
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1 year
1 year
1 year
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Onex Group - 2017 Partner of the Year Finalist

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*Office 2016 available for Mac devices contains apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook

Office 365 for Business compendium

Office 365 subscription prolongation

Office 365 renewal is carried out by entering the purchased license key in Office 365 administration panel. Log into Then find the gear icon in the top-right corner and click ‘’Office 365 settings’’. In the next step find ‘’Settlement’’ and ‘’Subscription’’. Click now ‘’Subscription details’’ then ‘’Renew or add user’s licences.’’.

How to check if my Office 365 subscription process is finished?

Log into your Office 365 account ( Go to Office 365 administration centrum.Then ‘’Settlement’’ and ‘’Subscriptions’’.Your subscription expiry date will display here.

Will I get informed when my subscription expires?

Yes. You will get an automatic message from Microsoft in your mailbox.
If you already are our client we will contact you a month before your subscription expires and give you an offer of Office 365 prolongation for (as always) the best possible price.

Earlier Office 365 renewal – is it possible?

Yes. If you renew the license before it expires the remaining time of your current subscription will be added to the new license. For example – if you have one month of subscription left and you will decide to renew Office 365, the validity of your license will be 13 months.

What will happen if I won’t renew my license?

After the expiration you will still be able to open and print your documents, however, you will need to renew your Office 365 subscription to create and edit them.

When my subscription starts?

Your subscription will start just when you activate the purchased key.

Frequently asked questions concerning Office 365 Business

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How are the licenses delivered? Do I get a CD/USB stick?

Commercial Office 365 Licenses (Essentials, Business, Business Premium, Enterprise E3 etc.) occur in the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) licensing model, i.e. they are assigned directly to the Microsoft company account by the provider of cloud services.

Non-commercial Office 365 licenses (Personal, Home etc.) or permanent licenses (Office 2016 Home and Business, Windows) occur in the ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) licensing model, i.e. license keys are delivered in email messages.

Microsoft software does not occur on CDs/USB sticks. It is downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s official website.

What language version does Office 365 come in?

Office 365 is a multilingual product. The appropriate language version is selected automatically during installation. While installing the Office suite, a different language version can be selected each time.

What are the costs for the delivery of an Office 365 license?

Office 365 occur in the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) licensing model, meaning that licenses are assigned directly to the Microsoft account by the provider of cloud services, which allows for avoiding any delivery costs.

How much does it cost to renew the license in a year’s time?

The prices of Office 365 depend on the current exchange rates. While renewing the license, we provide guarantee of the lowest possible price.

How long do I have to wait for the delivery?

Internet orders are realized within 15 minutes following entering the payment into the accounts.

Can an Office 365 license be used on a number of devices at the same time?

Office 365 has a single license that is assigned to a single user. The suite can be installed on 15 devices (5 x PC, 5 x Mobile, 5 x Tablet). It is possible to work on all those devices at the same time.

How to install the stationary version of Office 365?

In order to install a stationary version of Office 365, the following steps are required:

  1. Log in to your company account at
  2. Select the option Install Office 2016 (after being automatically redirected to the main website of the suite)
  3. Select the desired language version
  4. Accept the default settings (when choosing the 32-bit version) or the advanced settings (when the system requires the installation of the 64-bit version)
  5. Select Install
  6. The installation of a stationary version of the software begins

When the install is complete, a message appears saying " You're all set! Office is installed now."

Does Office 365 work on Mac computers?

Yes. Admin Center recognizes the currently used operating system through the browser, automatically choosing either a PC or Mac installation.

Do I need to have an Internet connection in order to use Office?

NNo Internet access is required in order to be able to use such stationary apps as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, an Internet connection is necessary while installing the Office suite, activating the newest version, updating the software, managing the account, using files saved in OneDrive as well as sharing files via SharePoint.Internet access is also required once every 39 days in order to check license validity (lack of Internet connection results in restricting the functionality of the suite).

Can those licenses be used to renew the subscription on my account?

The CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) licensing model enables easily changing the suite while renewing a commercial subscription (Office 365 Small Business Premium, Business, Business Premium, Enterprise E3 etc.).

What happens when my subscription expires?

If the subscription expires, the functionality of Office apps will become limited, i.e. read-only and print-only mode will be activated and so it will not be possible to edit documents or create new ones.

Can I use business software at home?

The software is meant for home use, offering the possibility of being installed on home devices.

What is Cloud?

It is a virtual space accessible from any place or device that enables storing and sharing multimedia files.

Do we provide technical support?

OnexGroup provides full technical support by the best specialists from our IT department.

Onex Group titled as Microsoft Partner of the Year 2016


Outstanding sales results of Office 365 and Azure among small and medium-sized companies and active presence on the consumer and public market are the main reasons for awarding Onex Group the title of Microsoft Partner of the Year 2016. The award is granted only to those companies that according to Microsoft, demonstrate business excellence in terms of offering products. The award has been officially presented during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto this July.

Prizes conferred to companies operating within the Microsoft partner system, are discretionary. Their goal is to identify those partners who run in one of the 119 countries with the Microsoft branches, as an example to others.

I feel very proud and grateful to Microsoft for choosing us as the Partner of the Year in Poland. This prestigious title on the one hand strengthens our belief that the business path that we follow, was a good choice, and on the other motivates and obliges us to continue even more dynamic development. For me and for my colleagues forming Onex Group, a Microsoft technology is not only a job but also a passion. All this, combined with a good cooperation with the Polish branch of the corporation, allows us to feel satisfied today, with awards and business results that we achieve.

- comments Jakub Hryciuk, Onex Group Executive Director.

Justification for awarding Onex Group the Microsoft Partner of the Year were the outstanding sales results of Office 365 and Azure among SMB clients, the commitment of employees, who constantly care for active presence on the consumer and public market, mainly self- governing. Also, the fact of 15 years existence of CentrumXP portal is not insignificant, it has become an indispensable online customer service, where they look for information about Microsoft software.

We are honoured to distinguish Onex Group from Poland, giving the title of Microsoft Partner of the Year.

– Said Gavriella Schuster, General Director of Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft Corp.

Among our organization partners, Onex Group is a leading example of the wonderful talent in providing innovative and revolutionary solutions.

Microsoft Partner of the Year is the second award granted to Onex Group over the past few months. In October 2015 the company was titled a Partner of the Year in the SMB market segment.

There was more than 2,500 participants applying for an award and the title of Microsoft Partner of the Year. While during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, only 119 partners have been awarded in each of the 119 countries where the Microsoft has its branches.

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