Excel 2016 (Online Course)

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A Microsoft Excel 2016 training for everyone!

In the training on Excel 2016, you will learn how to effectively work with data cells. In doing so, you will delve into a number of highly reliable methods for formatting, sorting and filtering entered data as well as grouping thematically related information. You will learn how to use the conditional formatting feature and the Excel status bar in your day-to-day work with the program. The training will also introduce you to the principles underlying the process of designing charts and sparklines based on specific data. Moving further, you will familiarize yourself with the very kernel of the program, i.e. formulas, including financial, logical and text functions as well as formulas related to date and time. The skills obtained in the course of the training will enable you to effectively use the program tools to spare your valuable time. You will also learn how to create tables and pivot charts. Not only that, you will familiarize yourself with the concept of macro commands, enabling you to automate frequently performed actions. Apart from that, you will delve into a number of data analysis tools and learn how to save a ready workbook in order to share it with customers and colleagues.

List of training issues:

Introducing the spreadsheet

Working with data cells

Formatting data

Excel status bar

Sorting and filtering data

Conditional formatting

Grouping data in tables

Creating charts

Creating sparklines

Using formulas

Using AutoSum

Financial functions

Logical functions

Text functions

Date and time functions

Lookup and reference functions

Math and trigonometry functions

Specific functions

Creating pivot tables

Creating pivot charts

Automating work by using macros

Saving and sharing a finished workbook

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