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A SharePoint training for everyone!

In the course of the training dedicated to SharePoint, you will be introduced to a powerful web platform offering a wide range of tools and features aimed at increasing the quality and efficiency of your work. You will familiarize yourself with methods for creating and and personalizing team sites, which you will, then, enrich with various apps. Moving further, you will learn how to create document libraries and use them to share important files with your subordinates and colleagues. You will also be able to configure documents to be visible for external users, e.g. your customers. Not only that, you will learn how to use the SharePoint platform to generate contact lists, custom calendars and tasks list. What is more, you will acquire skills enabling you to start a blog or create surveys meant for specific respondents. Continuing your journey, you will be introduced to the methods for creating multistage workflows as well as managing the customer base and company projects using custom lists. You will learn how to automate data input by importing information from external sources and using RSS data feeds. The training also covers the issue of assigning and restricting access to specific service components. On completing the course, you will know how to appropriately configure and use SharePoint in order to better organize your daily work while, simultaneously, increasing its quality.

We customise a team site, create libraries and manage workflow.

List of training issues:

Introduction to the SharePoint page

Personalization of a team page

Types of work areas

Creating document libraries

Working with documents from the level of the library

Creating image libraries

Creating a list of contacts

Creating a list of tasks

Creating a new calendar

Creating and overseeing surveys

Creating and running a blogInviting external users to cooperate with us

Managing workflow

Management of client submission base

Management of company projects

Downloading lists as Excel files

Assigning and reducing access rights

Using the RSS data feeds

Adding alerts to lists

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