Windows 365 Enterprise 2 vCPU, 4 GB, 128 GB

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Windows 365 Enterprise 2 vCPU, 4 GB, 128 GB
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  • Users: 1
  • vCPU: 2
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard drive: 128 GB
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Windows 365 Windows 365 Windows 365Windows 365 defines a new category in computer technology. Windows 365 is a cloud computer and operating system that you can access from any device with an internet connection. Windows 365 defines a new category in computer technology. Windows 365 is a cloud computer and operating system that you can access from any device with an internet connection. The new Cloud PC category meets the expectations and requirements of hybrid working, giving you both a remote desktop and a cloud PC with exactly the hardware you need to work.

Windows 365 allows you to scale your resources. You will be able to reduce or increase the number of vCPU cores, RAM, and disk capacity as needed. Thanks to the simplicity of use, you can log in and return to the state in which you finished your work, regardless of the device on which you last used Windows 365. In addition, the system and computer service in the cloud is designed according to the Secure by desing model, that is, you receive an environment that is safe by design. Always up-to-date and heavily protected, Windows 365 simplifies security management. You launch your browser, log in and work as you like, efficiently and securely.
Popular apps and features
Microsoft Edge
File Explorer
Your mobile
Microsoft Store
Windows Defender
Tailored to your needs You can configure Windows 365 exactly to your needs. You can choose from 1 vCPU core, 2 GB of RAM, or 8 cores and 32 GB of RAM - all for the smoothest experience.
Available anytime, anywhere Your Windows 365 service is available to you anytime, anywhere. All you need is any device with a web browser and access to the Internet.
Windows 365 - only in! When buying Windows 365 in you have a guarantee that you buy it from Microsoft technology experts.

Introducing Windows 365 - powerful, simple and secure

The familiar Windows environment now also in the cloud.


Windows 365 provides a complete cloud computing experience. Choose from a variety of processing power and memory options so you can match the power to your needs.

Introduction to Windows 365

See how Windows 365 is changing the way you work with your PC

Frequently asked questions about Windows 365:

  1. Who is Windows 365 for?

    Windows 365 is for businesses of all sizes who are looking for a secure and agile hybrid working solution.
  2. What is the difference between Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise?

    Windows 365 Business is for companies that want to deploy a cloud-based computer service for 300 or fewer employees. Windows 365 Enterprise, on the other hand, is for larger companies that need more than 300 workstations.
  3. Can one Windows 365 account be used by multiple people?

    No. One Windows 365 workstation is designed for one employee. It is not possible for several people to share a computer.
  4. Is it possible to convert a service from Windows 365 Business to Windows 365 Enterprise?

    This is not possible. The Business license is not convertible to an Enterprise license.
  5. What is the Windows Hybrid Benefit?

    By selecting the Windows 365 service with the Windows Hybrid Benefit, you have the opportunity to reduce the cost of the licence purchase by up to 16%. The prerequisite is that you have a Windows 10 Pro licence, which will also serve as an access licence in Windows 365. In addition, to be able to benefit from the discount, you must run the Windows 365 service on a computer on which a Windows 10 Pro licence is assigned.
  6. On which devices can you run Windows 365?

    Virtually on any device. Windows 365 only requires a device with a web browser (that supports HTML5) and a stable internet connection with enough bandwidth to stream video smoothly.
  7. What operating system comes with Windows 365?

    Currently, you can run Windows 10 on your cloud PC. Once Windows 11 is released, it will also become available to Windows 365 users.
  8. What Windows 365 configuration will work for me?

    - For frontline staff, educational staff, trainers, for CRM systems - 1vCPU / 2GB / 64GB.
    - For seasonal and interim employees, for customer service and working from home - 2vPCU / 4GB / 64GB to 256GB of storage.
    - For remote workers, government workers, consultants and analysts - 4vCPU / 8GB / from 128GB to 256GB storage.
    - For financial, government, healthcare and demanding remote workers - 4vCPU / 16GB / 128GB to 512GB storage.
    - For developers, engineers, creatives, graphic designers and creative workers, as well as designers and engineers - 8vCPU / 32GB / from 128GB to 512GB of storage.
  9. Will I have access to local resources from within Windows 365?

    Yes, but their availability depends on the platform from which you log into Windows 365. In most cases, you will have access to the clipboard, printer, microphone and camera, or even file transfer. The most support is available for Windows PC users.
  10. Does Windows 365 also work if I am not connected to the internet?

    No. You will need a web browser and an active internet connection to sign in to Windows 365.
  11. Can I sign in to Windows 365 from mobile devices?

    Yes. Windows 365 can be accessed from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
  12. Does Windows 365 work on both PCs and Macs?

    Yes, Windows 365 works on both Windows PCs, Linux PCs, and Apple computers running macOS.


Hard drive128 GB
License periodannual
License typeCSP
Maximum number of usersunlimited
Data storage-

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